Bring your most valuable items back to life

Many times, people think that once a person passes away, the possessions they left behind will suffer a sad fate; they will deteriorate over time or be stored in an attic for ages without ever seeing the light of day. Fortunately, with the services offered by La Fosse, a company specializing in the purchase and sale of estate items, you can once again find a smile on your face and have peace of mind about the items you hold dear.

La fosse : Why choose us ?

We are a company that does not present itself as an independent agent, but rather as a real team that works in a coherent way, and in which each one brings his own contribution in order to take care of the sale of your estate items as well as possible. As soon as you contact us, you will find in front of you, people who are listening to your every concern and who answer all the questions that cross your mind.

Professionalism is our leitmotiv, we offer a range of high quality services to clients whom we consider first and foremost as human beings, and not only as economic partners.

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    What are the services offered by La Fosse ?

    To put it simply, our main concern is the presentation of the antiques you wish to sell. We make sure that they will be in good hands once they arrive at other people’s homes. If we have chosen to sell antiques, it is precisely for the human side that they give off, so it is not a question of haggling over products that have just come out of the factory, but rather to preserve the value of an object that has gone through the years and is full of history and beautiful memories.

    The items we offer to prospective customers are known to be in good condition, not disastrously weathered, and are even uncommon and rare enough to find others that are identical. In this regard, customers are often satisfied with what we offer, which is why they do not hesitate to call on our services again and again.

    Where does La Fosse operate ?

    One of the main advantages of our company is the fact that we come to your door to save you the hassle of moving, and on the other hand so that your antiques are not exposed to risks of damage and accidents on the way.

    Located in Blainville, in the Montreal region of Canada, we provide coverage of our services within a 100 km radius, passing through all the urban agglomerations such as Mirabel, Laval, Mascouche, Boisbriand, Sainte-Anne-Des-Plaines, Saint-Eustache or Terrebonne.

    Our services are provided throughout the year, whether in winter or summer, including spring and fall.

    We have, among our teams, people specialized in the estimation of your inheritance goods, these last ones are entitled to establish an inventory in which the articles are classified according to their age, to evaluate them and then to propose them to the sale.

    La FOSSE mallette et coffre

    Crédit photo: La FOSSE

    What are the items offered by La Fosse ?

    We are not specialized in only one niche as regards the trade of antiques, but we have a more global vision of the thing, because we are convinced, that all the objects have a value. Thus, you can find on our site products as different as each other, as to fall on an old padlock dating from several decades, to a statue made of stone or any other material, or to an old bike very vintage.

    It is a kind of online flea market, which gathers around it lovers of old objects, who are not only attracted by the visual aspect of the thing, but rather by all its historical and ancestral heritage.

    If you are looking for a decorative item for your living room, or if you would like to buy an object that you will use on a daily basis, our address is the ideal place to do so.

    Can I contact La Fosse for more information ?

    Our website is first and foremost a space for sharing and exchange before it is a site for selling and buying online. You can ask all the questions you want to our team who will be happy to answer you. You can also recommend new options, or enrich us with your valuable constructive remarks. Our clients are the focus of our attention, and we consider them to be the mainstay of everything we do.

    Your estate assets are still alive and well, and have a long way to go if you decide to use our services. The property you have cherished for many years will end up with people who are just as passionate, sensitive and fascinated by history as you are.